Nutraceuticals for the prevention of cardiovascular disease


Analysis of bioactive proteins


HPF-Nutraceutics is an academic spin-off specialized in the design, research and development of innovative nutraceuticals for the prevention of cardiovascular disease, i.e. new active ingredients or combinations of natural active ingredients for the formulation of food supplements and functional foods.
The major interests of HPF-Nutraceutics are in the area of cardiovascular disease and the metabolic syndrome prevention, as its academic members have many years of experience in these areas.
HPF-Nutraceutics, in addition, offers technical services and advice to other national and international companies and is also open to scientific collaborations with Public and Private Institutions.

About us

The academic foundation members of HPF-Nutraceutics are Prof. Cesare R. Sirtori and Prof. Anna Arnoldi, both belonging to the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Milan. Prof. Cesare Sirtori, Professor of Clinical Pharmacology and currently Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, has conducted the first clinical trial which demonstrated that soy protein has a useful cholesterol lowering activity. He also discovered the apolipoprotein-A1 Milano, the first mutant of this protein ever identified.
Prof. Anna Arnoldi teaches Food Chemistry and Functional Foods and Dietary Supplements and has been the coordinator of two major European projects, one out of which was focused on the biological properties of lupin: Healthy-Pro-Food. Another shareholder of HPF-Nutraceutics is Dominae Trading SRL, the leading Italian company in the commercialisation of lupin-based food products.
The employees of HPF-Nutraceutics are young scientists graduated in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, and Food Science and Technology, all endowed with enthusiasm and high specialization and predisposition for research.


October 2011

Partecipation to EU PROJECT LUPICARP “Innovative functional foods based on sweet lupin protein for cardiovascular prevention”. The objective is to assess the health benefits on dislipidemia prevention of foods based on lupin proteins.



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